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A Los Angeles based minority owned, veteran operated company. Focusing on quality and creativity, we strive to create innovative products that stand in a league of their own. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in every phase of our development process. Whether it’s our flower, concentrates or edibles

We Bring The Fire









Napalm Grenades and Flower Bombs are carefully encased in collectible keepsakes worthy of the product inside, starting your cannabis experience at first sight.

8 Gram Grenade  

Napalm’s Grenade pulls the pin with a hand crafted 8 gram pre roll featuring 7 grams of premium flower from top growers in California, with 1 gram of top shelf live resin hand crafted on one XXL Lift Tickets live resin-infused rolling paper with a ceramic tip for consistent air flow and a symmetrical design for an even burn. All encased in a collectible glass grenade keepsake. (Strains will vary) 


Napalm Rockets rain down 5 top shelf infused, pre-rolls featuring 0.6G indoor premium flower and 0.1G of quality live resin diamonds in each joint, totaling 3.5G per pack. (Strains will vary)

Be sure to collect all of the Napalm Rockets Pin Up cases!



Napalm’s Flower Bomb brings the boom with 3.55G of premium indoor flower and 33 leaves of branded 1 ¼” rolling papers encased uniquely in a keepsake delivery system.
(Strains will vary).



Includes the Mamba Cart. Indica strain, Tropical fruit with a hint of peppery spice inducing relaxation, sleepiness and focused feelings.


Includes the Minute Man OG Cart. Indica strain,
Sweet with an earthy, pine flavor giving off a pleasant, relaxation high that often leads to munchies and sleepiness.


Includes the Green Cheese Cart. Hybrid strain, Citrus with a woody undertone helping to relieve stress, depression and headaches.


Our live resin diamonds consist of 100% live resin made from premium fresh frozen, whole plant cannabis. Our full spectrum experience is achieved through pure and uncut live resin that utilizes no distillate, cutting agents or any type of filler that compromises the integrity of the liquid diamonds.


Single Coil, Ceramic Wick

Javalin OG

Strain: Indica

Hints of blueberry and grape

Gladiator OG

Strain: Indica

Citrus fruits and wild berries


Napalm OG

Strain: Indica

Tropical fruits with an earthy back end


Strain: Sativa

Blueberry with a spicy aroma


Strain: Hybrid

Fruity with a strong sweet aroma


Double Coil, Ceramic Wick, Adjustable Airflow

Green Cheese

Strain: Hybrid

Citrus with a woody undertone


Strain: Indica

Tropical fruit with a hint of peppery spice


Minute Man OG

Strain: Indica

Sweet with an earthy, pine flavor


Thunder Boom

Strain: Hybrid

Fruity watermelon and sweet candy


Red Eye

Strain: Indica

Pungent with a light floral taste at the end


Napalm’s batteries comes in a variety of options and feature universal 510 threads and accepts any of the carts.


Auto Draw  

Available in Black, Orange & Green

510 Thread  

350mAh Battery

Fat Boy

Variable Voltage

MOD Battery  

510 Thread  

900mAh Battery

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